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Do You Have An Architectural Landscaping Work We Can Help With?

Architectural landscaping is part of our overall project. Based on geotechnical analysis of one of the prevailing soils and the topography of the land, we shall implement safely measures while designing retaining was and curbs in hilly and sloppy areas. Surveying is part of the plan too.

Our lawn care services are calculated at a price of 1/4 of an acre at Ksh.1000/= or US$10 within the vicinity of Litein Town Out of town services includes transport charges at reasonable rate.

Sawdust mulching comes in black red and blue color and at Ksh.500/= per 25kg bag at our Litein Site.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice. All images used are with permission and acknowledgement with the original owners.


Our Mission

To provide superior products in the building construction and related services that satisfies the needs and expectations of our clients by applying innovation, recruiting and retaining highly skilled and committed employees and taking advantage of emerging building construction technologies to improve shareholders value and contributing positively to the community.

Our Vision

To be known as the best providers of high quality and affordable building construction projects and related services.

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